Asylum & Refugee Law

Asylum is a legal status that the U.S. government can grant to people who are at risk of harm in their home countries because of who they are if the governments in their home countries will not protect them.

The process for seeking asylum in the U.S. is complicated and an asylum-seeker is more likely to be granted this form of protection if he or she is represented by a good lawyer who understands the system. In fact, asylum applicants who are represented by an attorney are three times more likely to have their case granted than applicants without an attorney. See UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW, A National Study of Access to Counsel in Immigration Court, December 2015.

Asylum requires that the applicant provide a significant amount of evidence and credible testimony in support of their application – often cases are denied because the applicant did not produce correct or sufficient evidence. You must apply for asylum within 1 year of entering the United States unless certain exceptions to that rule are met.

Our law firm is highly experienced with handling asylum applications for applicants from all over the world – If you fear returning to your home country or you already have an asylum application pending, contact our office and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

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